Umbraco Search

Search is always a key topic for clients.   This section will help you to understand what options are available to you and how you can implement search within an Umbraco website.

How To Rebuild Your Umbraco Examine Indexes

The default search provider that comes with Umbraco is called Examine.  Under the hood, Examine uses a very popular search engine called Lucene.  Out of the box, Lucene is configured to index all of your Umbraco pages and then when your website loads[...]

How To Set Up A Custom Lucene Index With Umbraco

Umbraco, like a lot of CMS systems, decided against creating a custom search functionality from scratch, instead, they implement one of the most widely used search providers available, Lucene. Lucene is a really powerful search library that is also s[...]

How To Perform An OrderByDescending With A Custom Date In An Umbraco Examine Index

Most websites will have the latest news or latest blog area.  In order to build these types of pages, you'll need to query Umbraco in order to get a list of specific published pages in date order. Surprisingly, getting a list of pages sorted in date [...]

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