Umbraco SEO

This section covers SEO strategies to apply to your Umbraco website that will help boost your web rankings.

Best Practice SEO Guide For Building Websites In Episerver

One of the most fundamental aspects of any project is making sure your website is easy for both users to find from Google. Part of this involves making sure search engine robots can read your website and spider it correctly. Architecturing your Epise[...]

Umbraco SEO, HTTP or HTTPS?

As of August 2014, Google started to give SEO ranking points for sites that work entirely over HTTPS. If you haven't implemented an HTTPS only strategy, then in today's post, I'm going to cover some of the benefits of why you should consider it and h[...]

How To Remove The Trailing Slash in Umbraco

A big part of building a successful website is optimizing and tweaking your site to work with Google in the best possible manner.  One of Google's ranking factors is having unique URLs for your web pages. In Google's terms, this URL[...]

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