Creating Your First Sitecore Page

This is the section where things start to get a little more exciting, from this point onwards we’re going to roll up our sleeves and start writing some code.  This aim of this guide is to start from the beginning and it assumes that you haven’t had any experience in breaking up a design into Sitecore components at all.   In the first article, I’ll explain how Sitecore makes managing your companies website easier and how to split a design/HTML page into website components.

Before we begin, I should probably point out that this guide isn’t the best way to create a Sitecore page.  When you start Sitecore development full-on there are a number of developer Tools, like Sitecore Rocks that allows you to do a lot of the steps listed in this guide directly from Visual Studio, rather than within Sitecore itself.  Using Sitecore Rocks makes your life a lot easier, however, it I would recommend you understand how the process works in Sitecore itself, as that knowledge will be very beneficial to you.

How To Create A Sub Layout and Add It to a Page in Sitecore

Adding functionality onto web pages is the core of all web projects.  In today's tutorial,  I'm going to cover the basics of creating a sub layout in Sitecore and then adding it to a page. Creating The Sub Layout First open your Sitecore editor and [...]

How To Create Templates in Sitecore 7 and Use Them In Layouts?

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How To Add Renderings To Sitecore Pages

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How To Architect Your First Sitecore Page... Sitecore Fundamentals Explained

This post assumes that you are completely new to CMS development and that you don't know anything when it comes to creating a page in Sitecore. By the end of this article, you will hopefully have a basic understanding about how to convert a design in[...]

How To Create A Master Data Template In Sitecore

In the last article, I talked about breaking a web page down into Sitecore components, the first being the data-template. A Sitecore template is the fundamental building block for every Sitecore page. A data template can be thought of as a schema for[...]

How To Create A Layout For A Sitecore Page

This is the fourth article in the 'Creating Your First Sitecore Page' series, we'll finally get around to discussing our web pages presentation. In Sitecore, when we talk about presentation and rendering text, CSS, JS and images onto our pages, we ta[...]

How To Create A Template For A Content Page In Sitecore

This is the third post in the 'Creating Your First Sitecore Page' series. In the last article, How To Create A Master Data Template In Sitecore, we created a master template. The purpose of the master template is to define a schema for all the common[...]

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