How To Install Sitecore 8 In Less Than 10 Minutes

If you are reading this guide and you know nothing about Sitecore, then I would recommend reading the first part of this article As long as you have a valid Sitecore license and the Sitecore 8 installer, then we are good to go. When you run the installer, the first screen you will see is the welcome screen, skip past that sitecore_8_installation_1 Agree to the T&C's sitecore_8_installation_2 Select your install type. For a brand new build you want to select 'Complete' sitecore_8_installation_3 Add your license file sitecore_8_installation_4 Add your SQL server details sitecore_8_installation_5 Add the destination where you want to install Sitecore sitecore_8_installation_6 Add the ISS host name. The installer will also add an entry in your host file sitecore_8_installation_7 Then sit back and relax. sitecore_8_installation_8 When the installer has finished doing its thing, your new Sitecore 8 website should load. sitecore_8_installation_9 Sitecore 8 looks a lot different than version 7. By default you can log in with the user name 'Admin' and the password 'b'.

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