How To Copy Items Between Your Sitecore Enviroments Without Packages Using Sitecore Rocks

Copying Sitecore items between environments is a pretty much dead cert on any project. Personally, I'd recommend using TDS to copy items between Sitecore environments. It takes the manual steps out of the process and removes the likelihood of user error occurring. If the budget doesn't stretch to using TDS, or, for whatever reason you don't want to use it, then the usual method for copying items between Sitecore environments is via Sitecore packages, How To Import and Export Sitecore Content. Sitecore Rocks has a very quick and easy way to copy content using XML, which, I seem to find myself using a lot when I'm moving content between dev and test. In your Sitecore Rocks solution explorer, right click on the item you want to copy: sitecore_rock_xml_copy Click 'Tools' -> 'XML' => 'Copy..'. sitecore_rock_xml_copy_1 From the 'Get Item XML' dialog, you should see the items XML and some buttons on the bottom. Click the 'Copy to Clipboard' option. Next, we need to open a connection with your remote Sitecore environment in Sitecore Rocks. If you don't know how to do this then I would recommend reading, Installing And Connecting The Sitecore Rocks Hard Rock Web Service Remotely sitecore_rock_xml_copy_2 In your remote environment, find the place you want to add the new item and basically repeat the process for copying the XML, except this time select, 'Tools' -> 'XML' -> 'Paste Item XML..'. Hit the 'Paste from Clipboard' button and then hit 'Paste'. When you refresh the Sitecore content tree, your item will now appear in the new environment.


Sitecore Rocks is a really useful tool. Copying data via XML might be a bit primitive, but, in terms fo speed you can move items between environments in seconds, if needed.

Jon D Jones

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